The Business Workout

Crockett & Co is the personal trainer for your business.

Nobody has the time to be an expert in every problem a business faces.

The Crockett & Co Business Workout is the one-shot solution for a major problem that your business faces. We will focus your actions to improve your results immediately.

In rapidly changing times, businesses have had to adapt to new marketing channels like social media and compete with other companies from around the world.

Whether you are dealing with new technology, retaining customers, recruiting the best talent, creating a winning culture or looking to re-organise your finances, the Crockett & Co Business Workout will find solutions for you.

Your Commitment

We take a limited number of participants for Business Workouts each month. You need to be able to commit to a half-day session. The Crockett & Co Business Workout investment is £500 for the session plus VAT.

What’s Involved

  • Focusing your actions to improve your immediate business results: Understanding and analysis; Industry comparisons; Proposals and ideas; Agreed actions; Testing; Refinement; Implementation; Results.

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