Personal Business Coaching

It’s pretty easy to tell when you need a mechanic for your car.

Or when you need a plumber or a roofer.

It can be harder to admit that you might have a concern with your business. Especially when you have invested thousands of hours and pounds into making your business work.

How would you know if your business wasn’t working as it should? These are the symptoms.

  • There are people who would benefit from what your business does and they’re not engaging with you

  • You have difficulty persuading people to join your business or to purchase from it

  • The service or product you make fails to resonate with your market

  • You’re on a race to the bottom and it’s wearing you out

  • You find that the passion you had for your business when you started it is a distant memory now

If you have concerns with your business then you need to ask yourself some questions. How much time are you spending solving these challenges? What are you investing in, learning and creating to find solutions?

You won’t solve problems in your business today by using yesterday’s strategies.

If you invest in our one-to-one individual programmes Crockett & Co we will provide honest, objective scrutiny of your business.

It’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s not just another ‘life coaching’ wheeze.

We guarantee that we can make you the best at what you do. We promise to get the results you crave.

But that involves a commitment on your part. A commitment to investing in yourself. A commitment to learning new things and challenging yourself. A commitment to growing, both as an individual and as a business.

Our coaching varies according to the individual, their enthusiasm, their business, their marketplace and their willingness to move mountains to succeed. We will match your efforts every step of the way with our own.

Generally speaking we coach in areas like strategy, marketing, product and service differentiation, sales, team building, recruitment, finances and culture.

Individual coaching requires you to commit to monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly meetings.

We usually start with a two hour meeting to agree on the rules of the game and our path to success.

Your Commitment

At Crockett & Co we take on a limited number of new individual coaching clients each year. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we look for the same in prospective clients. Investment in Crockett & Co Individual Coaching begins at £750 per month plus VAT. The investment can vary, depending on how often you want to meet and the duration of those meetings.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us now. 

What’s Involved:

  • Developing your business skills

  • Business planning and strategy: beat the competition

  • Products and services: stand out from the crowd

  • Marketing: the most effective investments, online and offline

  • Selling: successful sales techniques

  • Finances: grow your profits, manage your balance sheet

  • Focus: on the important actions for success

  • Leadership: inspire and motivate

  • 100% commitment to you and your business

  • Understanding your business and its performance from start to finish: Leadership; Customers; Competitors; Vision; Products & Services; Marketing; Sales; Financials

  • Focused actions to immediately improve your results: Understanding & analysis; Industry benchmarks; Proposals & ideas; Agreed actions; Testing; Refinement; Implementation; Results

  • In-depth consultancy on best business practices and new solutions

  • Organisational Transformation: Aligning your company to your vision; Developing a culture to attract talent; Creating cohesion, not friction; Implementing performance transformation;

    Growing leadership skills and style.