Our Products

There are a variety of ways you can work with Crockett & Co.

The first is individual one-to-one coaching. We’ve worked with experienced entrepreneurs and executives, as well as with founders who’ve just raised money for their first idea. No course of individual coaching is alike, each one is tailored to your needs.

The second way is with group coaching. Our group coaching is tailored directly to your needs and focuses on core business skills. It can come in the form of half or full day training sessions or evening seminars.

All of our products are designed for your use. Our aim is turn confusion and uncertainty and excitement, confidence and results.

Are you ready?

Personal Business Coaching

How do professionals get better at what they do? How do you change habits that you know are holding you back? Working directly with Fergus is like having a mentor and consultant rolled into one. It’s not about how good you are right now.

It’s about how good you’re going to be.


The Business Conditioner

Join Advocacy for a one day planning session. We will consider your business from the ground up, identify problems and figure out the solutions to them. You’ll leave the session with a refreshed understanding of your business and new skills to take forward into the future.

Let’s get your business into shape.


The Business Gym

Working directly with Fergus and other business owners, this is a twelve month course that will refresh your key skills. Our group coaching is designed to remove any barriers stopping your business fulfilling its potential. The content of each session is tailored to your companies needs.

If you’re committed to transforming the effectiveness of your business, group coaching is for you.


The Business Workout

This is Advocacy’s one-shot problem buster. Bring us the most vexing issue facing your business and we will work with you to sort it out. Nobody has the time to be an expert in every problem a business faces.

That’s why we created the Business Workout.